Interesting facts about Zihuatanejo presented by our luxury Zihutanejo hotel

Zihuatanejo vacation

Zihutanejo is a beautiful village which provides an excellent option for those who are looking for an authentic Mexico vacation away from crowds and tourists. This beautiful town is known for spectacular beaches, great fishing, restaurants, events and art. It has a vibrant culture just waiting to be enjoyed and it is the fourth-largest city in the Mexican state of Guerrero. If you are want to learn more about Zihuatanejo before you book an amazing Mexico vacation, read below for some interesting facts and figures about the region. Continue reading

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Our Zihuatanejo resort recommends visiting Zihuatanejo during the Day Of The Dead festival

Zihuatanejo vacation

Each year during the first week of November, locals and tourists celebrate the famous Mexican Tradition – The Day Of The Dead. This national holiday focuses on remembering friends and family members who have died. It is a positive and colourful occasion similar to All Saints Day and a great time to visit Zihuatanejo for the authentic Mexican experience. There are typically several events in town as well as delicious food provided from local restaurants and entertainment. Traditions include caring for graves, building elaborate altars and celebrating the dead with parades, dancing, costumes and music. Read below for more information on this unique cultural occasion. Continue reading

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Part two of our luxury Zihuatanejo hotel’s helpful Spanish phrases for your Mexico vacation

mexico vacation

Arriving in a new country can be an unnerving experience if you don’t know how to speak at least a few basic words of the national language. It is always helpful to be able to ask someone if you need something or get directions to a specific place. Learning a new language is also a fun way to experience a new country and integrate yourself in the culture without having to rely on other tourists. Continue reading for the follow up to our luxury Zihuatanejo hotel’s first article on helpful Spanish phrases for your Mexico vacation. Continue reading

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Check out these fun things to do in Zihuatanejo recommended by our Zihuatanejo resort

Zihuatanejo resort

During your Zihuatanejo vacation there are many fun activities for individuals or families who are staying in the region. It has the charm of a small Mexican community without the hustle and bustle of constant tourists and is a genuine cultural experience. Our beautiful beaches and sunny weather create a very enjoyable outdoor environment for snorkeling, golf, fishing and more. Casa Cuitlateca suggests the following activities while you enjoy your Zihuatanejo vacation. Continue reading

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Things to do during your Zihuatanejo vacation: Visit the El Refugio De Potosí

zihuatanejo vacation

El Refugio De Potosí is a non-profit ecological park situated on seven hectares of tropical forest. This amazing centre for wildlife education and conservation is the perfect way to discover the beautiful animals and fauna of this area. Mexico only occupies only 1.5% of the earth’s landmass, but it has more than 10% of the 1.7 million known species. El Refugio De Potosí attracts many tourists every year and is highly regarded. Continue reading

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A brief history of Zihuatanejo from our Mexico resort


Zihuatanejo has become famous among travellers for its beautiful scenery, relaxing atmosphere and unique local culture. The resort town also has an amazing history which dates back to before the 15th Century when the first tribes began settling in the area. There are two possible translations of its name, either “water of the yellow mountain” or “place of women.” If you’re interested in learning more about Zihuatanejo before you come to visit here is some information from Casa Cuitlateca about the town’s remarkable past. Continue reading

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Why should I take a Zihuatanejo vacation?

Zihuatanejo holiday

This quaint resort town is surrounded by several lovely beaches including Playa La Ropa and Playa Las Gatas. It is a peaceful destination with a charming community of friendly locals. Zihuatanejo is a relaxing alternative to its busy sister resort of Ixtapa and is a great choice for those looking for a genuine Mexican experience without the hustle and bustle. Continue reading

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Great places to eat during your Zihuatanejo vacation

Zihuatanejo restaurants

If you’re looking for authentic Mexican food, Zihuatanejo is a great choice with its variety of fine dining and charming casual cafes. From tasty tacos to appetizing Albóndigas meatballs, the charming beach town has almost anything you could ask for. Continue reading

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The Guide to Traditional Mexican Food: Advice from our Luxury Zihuatanejo Hotel

Luxury Zihuatanejo Hotel One of the things people enjoy most about visiting Mexico and our luxury Zihuatanejo hotel is the great selection of authentic Mexican cuisine that is available to visitors. Mexican is an extremely popular cuisine all over the world, but we believe that to experience it the way it is meant to be experienced you really need to try eating Mexican food cooked traditionally by a local. We’re extremely proud of the amazing selection of Mexican food that is served in our luxury Zihuatanejo hotel as well as the nearby towns.

Traditional Mexican Food to Try When Visiting our Zihuatanejo Hotel

Many of our visitors from Canada and the United States are sometimes surprised by what we consider “traditional” Mexican cuisine because of the popularity of Mexican food in these countries. Often dishes  that are served as “Mexican” in these countries is actually more “Mexican-influenced” and isn’t a dish served in authentic Mexican restaurants.

The staples of many traditional Mexican recipes are: corn, beans and chillies. Corn is used to make tortillas as well as other corn-based dough products, and as a main ingredient in many dishes alongside beans.  Chillies are used to keep the dishes flavourful along with other herbs and spices like cinnamon, cocoa, cilantro and oregano.

Traditional Mexican food varies significantly by region. Much of Mexico’s cuisine was influenced by the Spaniards to a certain extent, but due to the large size of Mexico, local climate, geography and ethnic difference between indigenous groups, Spanish influence, and thus cuisine is varied significantly between different areas.

Northern Mexico, including popular locations like Tijuana, Nuevo Leon and Sonoro is well known for it’s grilled meat dishes (carne asada) that are prepared with thin beef steak which is rubbed with olive oil, sea salt and spices, lemon, garlic and Worcestershire sauce before grilling.

The Oaxacan region is known for tamales, moles, and simple tlayudas, while the mountainous regions of the west are known for goat birria, a spicy tomato-based goat dish that is a favourite with locals and visitors alike. In contrast, Central Mexico, is actually largely influenced by the outlying regions but has some unique dishes like Carnitas, menudo and pozole.

Southeastern Mexico is a popular foodie destination for visitors who are fans of spicy vegetable and chicken-based dishes as well as seafood. Food from the Southeastern regions of Mexico is known for it’s Caribbean influences.

Modern Mexican Cuisine: What to Eat at our Zihuatanejo Hotel

While each region is known for a specific type of traditional Mexican fare, most of the dishes can be sampled when visiting popular restaurants, regardless of what area of the country they’re in. There are also many modern influences in much of the Mexican food found in tourist areas today creating a kind of Mexican fusion cuisine that has become increasingly popular in recent decades.

Our luxury Zihuatanejo hotel has an impressive collection of dining options ranging from traditional Mexican dishes to Mexican fusion and international dishes. If you’re thinking about visiting Mexico, we highly recommend staying at our Zihuatanejo hotel where you can sample some great fare cooked by locals, or if you’re looking to venture into the nearby town, we can recommend the best restaurants no matter what type of food you’re looking for.


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Helpful Spanish Phrases for your Mexico Vacation at our Luxury Zihuatanejo Hotel

Luxury Zihuatanejo Hotel When travelling to a country where a different language is spoken than your native language, it’s a good idea to have a few phrases prepared to help you communicate effectively with the locals. This will not only make your trip a little smoother, but it can also add to your experience with the communities your visiting and can make for a more pleasant Mexico vacation all around. When visiting Mexico your resort or hotel (like our luxury Zihuatanejo hotel) will be filled with employees who speak English, but, when visiting towns or cities or going to local tourist attractions, it’s a good idea to have know and understand some basic Spanish phrases like the ones below.

Spanish Phrases to Remember for your Mexico Vacation at our Luxury Zihuatanejo Hotel

Spanish: Hola
English: Hello

Mexicans tend to be fairly conservative in their greetings towards strangers. With a good friend “Hola” would suffice, however when meeting a person you don’t know well or are meeting for the first time it’s better to go with the following options:

Morning: Buenos dias (Good morning or good day)
Afternoon: Buenos tardes (Good afternoon)
Evening: Buenos noches (Good night, Good evening)

Spanish: Por Favor
English: Please

When asking for anything it’s always considerate to ask kindly by using the same words you would use at home including please and thank you.

Spanish: Gracias
English: Thank You

It’s always beneficial when visiting a foreign country to be able to say both “please” and “thank you” in the native tongue. Being polite when visiting someone’s home country is important and respectful.

Spanish: Me Ilamo
English: My name is

When introducing yourself to the employees of your hotel or locals who you meet on the beach, in towns or while doing tours, it’s a great idea to introduce yourself and show that you’ve taken the time to research their language.

Spanish: Disculpe
English: Excuse me

This is another common, polite phrase than can make your interactions with Mexicans more respectful. The last thing you want is to make a cultural faux pas and to not be able to apologize appropriately or to cause issues by being unable to excuse yourself in a courteous manner.

Spanish: ¿Cuanto cuesta?
English: How much is it?

This phrase will prove invaluable to you when spending time in the local markets and shops. Many of the vendors or storeowners will most likely speak at least basic English, but asking in their native tongue may help create a rapport (which could get you some great deals!).

Bonus Phrase—Just in case none of the above work!

Spanish: No hablo español. ¿Habla usted inglés?

English: I don’t speak Spanish. Do you speak English?

When in doubt, this simple phrase will help you to explain civilly that you don’t speak Spanish, and it may help to make communicating easier as Mexicans will understand immediately that they need to interact with you in English or find someone who can.

Why Stay at our Zihuatanejo Hotel during your Mexico Vacation?

Traveling to Mexico can be a very rewarding experience, especially if you stay at the right luxury Zihuatanejo hotel. One of the most popular tourist destinations in Mexico, the Zihuatenejo hotel area is the ideal rest and relaxation paradise.  The Casa Cuitlateca hotel in Zihuatanejo, is the ideal place to stay if you want to get a taste of all the luxury, beauty and culture that Mexico has to offer (and practice your Spanish phrases in the nearby towns).   Contact our Zihuatanejo hotel staff today to learn more about how we can help you have your best vacation yet. 


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